101 Rules to Live By as You Rise

By Ann marie Houghtailing
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March 30, 2014


It’s been five years since I launched my company with $5 and a MacBook. I’ve learned a lot more than 101 things – some of them through painful trial and error and some from incredible people I studied like a college freshman preparing for her first final. I was so determined that I even launched the Millionaire Girls’ Movement so that I could interview women who astonished me. Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way – 101 to be exact.

1. Don’t gossip.

2. Don’t envy others. It’s poison.

3. Apologize properly when you make a mistake.

4. Deliver and receive feedback like a gift. It’s a free education to excellence.

5. Take nothing personally – even when it is.

6. When you’re at an event and someone is standing alone, invite her into the circle.

7. Don’t lie.

8. Don’t hide behind clouds so others can shine brighter than you.

9. Be an example.

10. Negotiate your worth.

11. Ask for help when you need it.

12. Don’t beat yourself up for mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

13. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

14. Be kind to yourself.

15. Take time off before you need it.

16. Stop feeling guilty.

17. Don’t compare yourself to others.

18. Don’t keep score.

19. Be gracious with compliments but be genuine so they matter.

20. Breathe.

21. Remember you only get this one life.

22. If you’re too grateful for anything at all – don’t be surprised when you don’t get much.

23. Forgive but don’t be foolish.

24. Know how to say ‘no.’

25. Know when to say ‘yes.’

26. Know the power of silence.

27. Remember that listening is not waiting for your turn to talk.

28. Ask, what next? Don’t ask, why me? Which question you ask defines you.

30. Know when to walk away.

31. Be curious about others

32. Be curious about the world.

33. Read.

34. Don’t pray for change – create change.

35. Speak your truth.

36. Be on time.

37. Stop apologizing for everything.

38. Trust your gut.

39. Take the high road. It’s less traveled and the air is cleaner.

40. Bring others along. Success is more delicious with company.

41. Know that you’re worthy and good enough right now.

42. Don’t worry about competition.

43. Don’t let fear stop you.

44. Get enough sleep.

45. Make people feel good about working with you.

46. Start now. There’s never a good time.

47. Know how to accept a compliment with grace.

48. Surround yourself with women who will champion you.

49. Be a woman who champions others.

50. Claim credit for your work or someone else will.

51. Be careful of striving for perfection. The world does not wait for perfect.

52. Ask for opportunity instead of waiting for it to be offered.

53. Celebrate along the way.

54. Believe in behavior – it never lies. Words can be empty

55. Thank people properly.

56. Never forget those who have helped you.

57. Remember those who have harmed you. If you don’t – they will again.

58. Don’t hold on to a bad client or partnership. You will lose all the good clients and good business partnerships.

59. Give yourself a break.

60. If you believe you can do something – you’re right.

61. If you believe something is impossible – you’re right.

62. Be flexible

63. When your flight is delayed. Read a good book. Turn every obstacle into an opportunity

64. Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

65. Be present. The good times and the bad times will pass. Breathe through the hard times and savor the beautiful moments.

66. Know the difference between a $5 problem and a $50,000 problem and behave accordingly

67. Don’t engage with passive aggressive people. It’s a waste of time.

68. Seek counsel when you need it

69. Cry when you need to cry. There’s value in a good cry.

70. Laugh when ever and where ever you can.

71. Don’t be seduced by overnight success stories. Overnight generally means five to seven years.

72. When someone needs to tell you how ethical they are it’s probably because they aren’t

73. Communicate with the goal of wanting to understand not just wanting to be understood

74. Don’t say something behind someone’s back that you would not say to his or her face

75. Attack problems like a puzzle

76. Don’t be wasteful with your time. Time is a finite and precious commodity. You cannot beg, borrow, buy, steal or negotiate more.

77. You attitude is the only thing you have control over. Be responsible for it and don’t bother trying to control people and circumstances.

78. Surround yourself with incredibly smart people who challenge you.

79. You will spend more of your time working than almost anything else in life. Choose your work wisely

80. Invest in your professional development.

81. Be human. Sometimes we are so focused on being professional we forget to just be human.

82. Be generous. There’s plenty of opportunity to go around. Don’t hoard information. Elevate and educate those around you.

83. Own your content

84. Keep your word

85. Ask great questions

86. Take notes.

87. Be compassionate, even and especially when it’s really hard

88. When your moral compass is spinning, make the hard choice, it usually happens to be the right choice.

89. Don’t agree when you don’t agree

90. Use e-mail with care. You can make a real mess of things if you don’t.

91. Remember that business is about people and relationships first. Always.

92. Learn how to sell elegantly. If you can’t you’ll always struggle.

93. If you don’t understand how to hold on to the money you make, hire someone to help you.

94. Hire slow and fire fast – the other way around is expensive and painful.

95. Worry less about pitching people and focus more on understanding people.

96. Win with grace

97. Lose with grace

98. Worry less about balance and more about integration; it’s more realistic goal.

99. Give back.

100. Be accountable.

101. Know that you know what you know.

When you set yourself on a path with passion and guts and an equal measure of fear, you’ll create a life that you love. There will be moments you doubt and uncertainty because that’s what it means to be human. Join the Millionaire Girls’ Movement where a lot of humans are telling their story, asking questions, earning their worth and living their full potential. We’re waiting for you…

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