F*$# You Money

By Ann marie Houghtailing
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August 25, 2014

F@#$ Money

You may prefer a more elegant term, but I like F*$# You Money because it’s raw and honest. It says what it is and means what it says and we should all have some. F*$# You Money allows you to walk out of a crappy relationship, quit a terrible job, or walk away from what ever it is that holds you hostage because you don’t have enough money.

Financial planners are always educating us to save for an emergency but they aren’t telling you that you really need to save enough so you can quit working for a jackass that’s sending you to an early grave or take an unplanned weekend away to keep your sanity.

F*$# You Money is more powerful than an emergency fund – it’s a path to freedom,

I could buy a penthouse in Paris if I had a dollar for every woman who has told me about a financially ruinous divorce. Every one of those divorces started in magical wedded bliss. No one thinks that her life will end up like a Lifetime movie but it happens. It happens so damned often that Lifetime could be showing an “original” movie every hour of every day until the end of time and still not tell all the stories of shocking financial devastation and secret lives. My stomach always turns a bit when a woman prefaces her devastating divorce story with something like, ”My story could be a movie it’s so shocking. You won’t even believe it.” Yes, I will – because it’s not shocking. What’s shocking is how very few women have any independent funds to build a new life after things fall apart.

Creating independent wealth is not unromantic or deceitful. It’s an act of radical self-love and preservation. I’m not telling you to hide anything. I think you should be totally honest about saving enough money to be financially free. Good relationships can only be nurtured in truth. F*$# You Money is really about you, not about the relationship or the other person.

Financial independence allows you to stay in a relationship by choice and not for the illusion of security.

Side note, when you’re sharing this independent fund you might want to call it something other than F*$# You Money. I’m thinking it will go every better with a little rebranding.

I’ve had lots of clients who made truckloads of cash and desperately wanted to leave their high paying job only to realize that all of their money was spent or being spent. Every single one of them would tell you that they would do almost anything to have built that F*$# You Fund. Working at a job you hate costs you joy, relationships, and your mental and physical health.

If you want to live in your power don’t turn that power over to one big client that treats you like an indentured servant, a relationship that keeps you from financial literacy and responsibility or a job that is costing you your soul. Every single day people make huge life decisions based on financial limitations. When you own your financial destiny you expand every opportunity in your life. Financial independence gives you decision- making power to determine where and how you live.

Love yourself so much that you can rescue yourself from a situation that is harming you.

The next time you go to purchase something stop yourself, and consider taking that money and investing in that F U Fund.

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