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By Ann marie Houghtailing
Jun 21st, 2011

The Millionaire Girls’ Movement is a child of inspiration, personal experience and cultural context. After facing numerous professional struggles of my own, coaching women on how to earn their worth and get the opportunities they deserved, and listening to COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg’s 2011 commencement address at Barnard College on how my generation basically blew it – I’ve decided it’s time to DO something. My goal is to open the discussion, take more responsibility as an individual and a group, and challenge women to harness their intellectual power to launch us to a place of greater possibility and to create a new paradigm of bringing one another along.

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m full of questions. Why don’t we ask for what we deserve and what we really want? Why do we struggle against one another rather than champion one another? How do we create a powerful model of mentoring as men have? How do we get over this fear of being perceived as a bitch? How do we create a professional and personal life on our own terms that doesn’t require us to work ourselves to death? The Millionaire Girls’ Movement is a challenge to all women to make your money and help other women to do the same.

It costs nothing to join together and everything to remain disconnected.

The Millionaire Girls’ Movement is dedicated to inspiring, motivating and educating women to earn a million of their very own dollars. We seek to change the culture and create more women millionaires as role models for future generations. Even if you don’t want a million dollars, you should have the skills to make a million dollars. We want to inspire one million women to commit to creating their own success.

Critical Highlights of Sheryl Sanberg’s Address

Corporate America top jobs, only 15% are women; numbers which have not moved at all in the past nine years.  Nine years.

Women became 50% of the college graduates in this country in 1981, 30 years ago.  Thirty years is plenty of time for those graduates to have gotten to the top of their industries, but we are nowhere close to 50% of the jobs at the top.

Studies show very clearly that in our country, in the college-educated part of the population, men are more ambitious than women.  They’re more ambitious the day they graduate from college; they remain more ambitious every step along their career path.

Corporate America top jobs, only 15% are women

Studies also show that compared to men, women underestimate their performance.  If you ask men and women questions about completely objective criteria such as GPAs or sales goals, men get it wrong slightly high; women get it wrong slightly low.  More importantly, if you ask men why they succeeded, men attribute that success to themselves; and women, they attribute it to other factors like working harder, help from others.

Studies have shown success and likeability are positively correlated for men and negatively correlated for women. This means that as men get more successful and powerful, both men and women like them better. As women get more powerful and successful, everyone, including women, likes them less.

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Ann marie Houghtailing
Ann marie Houghtailng is the CEO and founder of the Millionaire Girls' Movement, an online platform that produces actionable, community driven content that empowers women to earn their worth and own their future. Houghtailing is a writer, speaker, advocate and leader dedicated to teaching women to negotiate their worth, reach their earning potential, and enjoy financial freedom. Houghtailing firmly believes that when women advance they change the future for their families, communities, and the world. Ann marie Houghtailing has been creating her own opportunities since she launched her company in January 2009, despite the economic downturn with nothing more than a Macbook, $5 and a truckload of tenacity and humor. In 2009 Houghtailing partnered with a private university to launch an Institute for Sales and Business Development and in 2011 she founded The Millionaire Girls’ Movement. She has presented at TEDx, toured her one-woman show, Renegade Princess and authored How I Created a Dollar Out of Thin Air. Her writing has appeared in the San Diego Business Journal, Daily Worth, Huffington Post and Yahoo! Finance.
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