Why Well Paying Jobs That You Hate Are So Expensive

By Ann marie Houghtailing
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April 14, 2014


Many of the clients that come to me are people who are making plenty of money. The problem is that all of the money does not fulfill their purpose or make them happy; and very often, it causes them to try to purchase a meaningful life.  They come to me not to make more money, but to learn how to earn a living while fulfilling their purpose.

Choosing a path that offers you lots of money, little freedom and no joy, can create spending habits born of frustration and dissatisfaction. You buy an expensive car or more house than you need in an effort to make up for doing work you hate. It doesn’t work so you then spend even more money to justify why you work so hard. There is a strong belief system that you can’t do what you love and earn a good living. It’s not true. I am living proof of that.

Your job may be costing you your health or simply stealing your happiness. How much does that cost? I don’t know exactly, but I know it’s way too much. You and your joy are worth so much more.

I never look forward to Friday or dread Monday because the truth of the matter is my work is not a thing I suffer. My work is more than a source of income, it’s source of meaning and joy.

Money can be seductive and cause us to make decisions that ignore the needs of our deepest selves. Oddly, this won’t necessarily make you wealthy. I’ve known people who earn close to a million a year and live pay check to pay check. That may seem inconceivable, but it’s true. It’s expensive to maintain your sanity. Spending becomes a kind of survival mechanism, a way to make yourself show up to work everyday.

If you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t leave a well paying job, ask yourself what that job is really costing you. Is it costing you your health, your sanity, or maybe even money that you’re spending wildly to compensate for your misery?

You also don’t have to choose the life of a pauper to be joyful. What you must do is dismantle your belief systems, challenge your thinking, innovative and be courageous enough to stand in your power and pursue your worth in work that you love.

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